How to switch to old classic Facebook layout 2020 Tutorial

Did Facebook forced you to it’s new 2020 layout ,But you still miss the old Facebook classic layout and want’s to switch back .can you switch it back ,the answer is yes but temperately .Why you might ask ? , Facebook ditching the old classic layout all together and they wants their users to experience the new layout even if they don’t like it .In this tutorial I will show you how to switch back to old layout temporally .

Since , Facebook is eliminating  ways to switch back to classic layout .eg- They removed the switch back to classic Facebook from settings drop down menu.We cant guarantee this method will work in the future .

The first requirement for this method to work is you need to have a old Facebook page connected to your profile .The page should be created before mid 2020 .


Switch back to old classic Facebook


Go to the page that connected your Facebook profile .On the top left of the page you will see a button link Switch Now . Click on it . wait for a moment until page changes to old page layout. Go back to your profile , you will see your Facebook in old classic mode .

By doing this you can keep the Facebook in classic mode for 48 hours . But , what if you want Facebook more than 48 hours ?. After 48 hours your Facebook account will switch back to new Facebook layout automatically ,If you need the classic Facebook layout back follow the same steps mentioned above.For now Facebook allows you to switch back to classic layout this way without a limitation .But , Not sure about the future .

What is the point of this? you might ask .Some extensions or plugins such as DownAlbum are not working with new Facebook layout .This trick will allow you to switch back to Facebook classic and use those extensions or plugins without any problems.

Switch to new Facebook layout

Switch to new Facebook layout

The next question is how to switch to new layout before 48hrs .in the home page click on the drop down icon (▼) at the top-right corner and select Switch to New Facebook from the drop down list.

However , lets say you don’t have a old Facebook page associate with your Facebook profile and you asked someone you know to add you to their page roles as an editor or admin. Technically this should work , Right ?.But, Unfortunately this will not work .Facebook will not allow new page roles to switch back to classic theme .

Note : So far we  have switch back and forth several times and Facebook still allows us to switch back to old Facebook classic theme.

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