About The Website

• Who we are ?

We are an educational website that provides tutorials on various subjects. We have contributes all over the world . We provide articles / Tutorials  about almost every field. We are providing tutorials since year 2009 . First started as a simple blog.

• What we are specialized in ?

Since we have large variety of professionals providing articles , We are specialized in almost every field. We will try our best to create a website that covers almost any field. We are not limited to a one subject.

• What we are doing ?

As we have mentioned earlier , We are an educational website that provide tutorials on various subjects. We are publishing tutorials for free to educate everyone around the world.

• Is their any Membership required ?

As it for now , We are not planing for a member exclusive contents . But , In the future we may start a membership exclusive content segment . We will inform you in such case. If you have any suggestion regarding that .Please , contact us through Here

• Can I use the content of your page ?

Please , Contact us if you are intended to use any content of this site. Images and videos in this website are subjected to international copyright laws . If you are using our content please mention the source. But , It’s always good to contact the admins of this website.

• Where we are located ?

The site content writers are from all around the world , different nationalities and different backgrounds  . But , The site first launched from Srilanka.

• How this site is funded ?

This site is funded through the generous donations by our followers ,Selling merchandise and the ad revenue generated by displaying ads .

Support US

• How to support us ?

Use the various support links in the home page to support our work . Your support greatly appreciated .It will help us to educate more and more people around  the world.

• Why support us ?

Your contributions will be directed towards the development of this website . It help us to provide you more quality tutorials . If you learn something through our website. Please, consider supporting us .

• What you will get for supporting us ?

Your contributions allow us to hire more people and provide more quality content . With your consent , Your name will get mentioned in our “About us” page for a month ( for any donation above $100 ) .

• What are the ways to support our work .

You can find the support links in the right side bar of our Home page. If you like to support us monthly or annually , You can setup such automated payment methods on patreon or subscribestar  .

• Are donations Tax exempt ?

We cannot give you an exact answer .Because , different countries and states have different tax codes . Please , contact a tax professionals for more details .However , We are not a charity organization or registered institute .

Content Contribution

• How to become a contributor ?

You can contact us through Here. We may not be able to reach to you right away . But , we will reply to you sooner or later .

• What are the requirements to become a contributor ?

There are several , You need to have good knowledge and experience in any field , Experience in writing web articles , Good English writing and speaking skills and good personality . However , We can facilitate a image and graphic designer to complete your article.

• Does the contributors get paid ?

At the moment we have not decided such payment method for our contributors . But , We are planing a payment for the contributors . We will update this answer once we have decided payment procedures.

• How many contributors we have at the moment ?

We cannot give you a exact answer . Because , It changes all the time .If you wants to see a full list of our contributors , Please , Refer to our About Us page. (List only consist of contributors that gave their permission to post the details).

• What are the fields a contributor can provide articles on ?

Any subject . But , It must be approved by our moderators . You can contact us and tell us who are you and provide us some samples of your previous articles . If we selected you as a contributor , You an gain access to our websites editorial system.

• Can a contributor retract the article ?

Yes ,  Contributor can request to take down an article . But , The final decision is in the hands of the site moderators .

• Full time or part Time ?

We have both options . Full time contributors can provide articles regularly and part time contributors can provide us articles as they wish .


• What kind of tutorials ?

We provide both video and article (text) type tutorials .

• In which fields ?

We are dedicated ourselves to provide all types of tutorials covering almost every field of education .

• How often Tutorials were posted ?

We are posting tutorials regularly . The frequency of tutorials depends on the availability of the tutorials provided by our contributors.

• Can I use your tutorials ?

The contents of this website are subjected to copyrights .You cannot copy the text , image , video or any other content  . The content in this site are unique and original . If you are interested in using our content . Please , Consider  contacting us first .


• What is Newsletter ?

It’s an Emails we will send you after you subscribed to our newsletter.

• What we will send ?

We will only send you most important updates such as new articles and site updates .

• Will there be any commercial content ?

No , We wont send any commercial (eCommerce ) content to you .

• How often ?

We wont send you more than two emails per month .

• How to unsubscribe ?

You can unsubscribe any given time , just click on the unsubscribe links in the newsletter emails.

Contact us

• How to ask a question ?

You can use the comment section of that particular tutorial or you can contact us through Here !

• How much time it will take to respond ?

It will take about 24 – 48 hours maximum. In Working days .48 -72 hours in week ends .

• Is there any Email address to contact you directly ?

Yes , admin@learnitstepbystep.com .

Paid Promotions

• Do you accept promotion deals ?

Yes , We do accept paid promotion deals.

• How to promote something through your site ?

You can contact us through our Contact us page.We will reply to you , After reviewing your request.

• What are the TOS on promotions ?

There are many .We will send you the TOS upon promotion request . But , To get a basic idea Here are some of the things that we don’t promote – Any illegal things (Under US Federal law) , Drugs , Alcohol , THC , Scams , Online Betting and gambling are some of them.

Our Merch

• What is the shipping location ?

We are not directly selling our merchandise .We sell our merchandise VIA online merchandise providers such as Teechip  and Teespring .You can check their websites for any questions regarding shipping.

• Do you shipping to my location ?

Please refer to our merchandise provider websites for more details on supported shipping destinations.

• What if the Merch is out of stock ?

Please , Contact us . We will try our best to make the items available to you to buy .

• What if the Merch is discontinued ?

Please , Contact us . We will consider re-launching the discontinued merchandise  .

If you have any other questions . Please , Send them VIA our Contact us form !