• Who we are ?

-We are an educational website that provide lessons or tutorials on various subjects. We have contributes all over the world . We provide articles / Tutorials  about almost any field.

  • What we are specialized in ?

-Since we have large variety of professionals providing articles , We are specialized in almost every thing . We will try our best to create a website that covers almost every field. We are not limited to a one subject.

  • What we doing ?

-As I mention earlier  we are an educational website that provide lessons or tutorials on various subjects.

  • Are their any Membership required ?

-As it for now , We are not planing for a member exclusive content . But , In the future we may start a membership exclusive content segment . We will inform you in such case. It depends on the requests of the readers .

  • Can I use the content of your page ?

– Please contact us if you are intended to use any content of this site. Images and videos in this website are may subjected to international copyright laws . If you are using our content please mention the source. But , It’s always good to contact the admins of this website.

  • Where we are located ?

-The site content writers are from all around the world , different nationalities and different backgrounds  . The Admin of this website is from Srilanka .

  • How to support us ?

-Use the various support links in the home page to support our work . Your support greatly appreciated .It will help us to educate more and more people in this beautiful world .

  • How to become a author ?

-You can contact us through Here.

  • Whats up with the green theme color?

– To make awareness to save Trees (#savetrees) . No matter what political , Ethnic or religious background you are coming from , We all can agree that we need to save the trees . Plant more trees ! . That is what behind the idea of the green color theme in this website .