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Refrigerator fan parts

Refrigerator Fan not working Fix

In this tutorial we will look into what cause refrigerator fan not working and how to fix it.Including working principle of refrigerator fan. Read More

Thermal fuse Type Cross section

Thermal Fuse not working Fix – Refrigerator

Thermal fuse is an essential part of refrigerator if it’s not working it can cause  a lot of problems inside your refrigerator . It ensures that heater element inside the freezer wont cause any fire hazard . Since , It blows as the temperature increased to the rated value. These thermal fuses are non-reusable components […] Read More

Refrigerator Heater not working Fix

Is your freezer is filled with Ice due to refrigerator heater not working ?, Here is how to fix it . Almost every refrigerator have a heating element behind the freezer compartment. Usually , It’s located in the evaporator assembly. Touching the aluminum fins of the evaporator. Sometimes , malfunctioning heater or it’s components can […] Read More

Refrigerator defrost timer adjustment

Defrost timer not working fix

“Defrost timer” in the name it self explains what its purpose. But , Did you know defrost timer not only controls the defrost circle but also controls cooling circle ? . Then why it called defrost timer ?. Because , If there is no defrost circle ,There is no reason for a timer. You can […] Read More

Thermostat Inside

Refrigerator Thermostat not working FIX

Refrigerator thermostat is one of the main components inside the refrigerator . Thermostat is the component that allows the user to set the refrigerator temperature . This is basically a switch that turns off at a set temperature.  However , these thermostats can eventually go bad . Bad thermostats can cause non functioning  cooling system […] Read More