Bing de-index remove website by mistake

Bing De-index remove website FIX

Nothing is perfect in this world . There are no single program code that have no bugs in it .That goes same to Bing bots too. Bing Bots are software agents that scan and seek content on the internet .So , That search engines can list webpages in their search results .These bots not only [...] Read More

Download Facebook Albums 2021 – DownAlbum Alternative

Here is how to download Facebook albums in 2021 .This is the best DownAlbum alternative for downloading Facebook albums in one click. How to batch download images in Facebook. This is the only proved working method available for downloading Facebook albums. Read More

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Refrigerator Fan not working Fix

In this tutorial we will look into what cause refrigerator fan not working and how to fix it.Including working principle of refrigerator fan. Read More

Electrical Tutorial

Thermal Fuse not working Fix – Refrigerator

Refrigerator Thermal fuse Thermal fuse is an essential part of refrigerator if it's not working it can cause  a lot of problems inside your refrigerator . It ensures that heater element inside the freezer wont cause any fire hazard . Since , It blows as the temperature increased to the rated value. These thermal fuses [...] Read More

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Refrigerator Heater not working Fix

Is your freezer is filled with Ice due to refrigerator heater not working ?, Here is how to fix it . Almost every refrigerator have a heating element behind the freezer compartment. Usually , It's located in the evaporator assembly. Touching the aluminum fins of the evaporator. Sometimes , malfunctioning heater or it's components can [...] Read More

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defrost timer not working fix

"Defrost timer" in the name it self explains what its purpose. But , Defrost timer not only controls the defrost circle but also controls cooling circle . Then why it called defrost timer ?. Because , If there is no defrost circle ,There is no reason for a timer. You can directly  power the cooling [...] Read More

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Refrigerator Thermostat not working FIX

Refrigerator thermostat is one of the main components inside the refrigerator . Thermostat is the component that allows the user to set the refrigerator temperature . This is basically a switch that turns off at a set temperature.  However , these thermostats can eventually go bad . Bad thermostats can cause non functioning  cooling system [...] Read More

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Fixing Refrigerator ice buildup Tutorial

Every refrigerator that have a freezer will cause ice building up . But , there are components inside the refrigerator that will prevent ice building up . However , Failure of these components may cause ice building up . But , There are few occasions that ice build up may occur and kept building up [...] Read More

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Two pin fluorescent bulb with CFL circuit

There are many tutorials on how to use a CFL circuit with four pin fluorescent tube but there are very little or no tutorial on how to use two pin fluorescent with CFL circuits.This Tutorial we will discuss how to use CFL circuit with two pin fluorescent bulb. Read More

DownAlbum Not Working fix Tutorial

Here is how to fix DownAlbum chrome extension error cannot load required variable error. Also included in this article – Alternatives to Downalbum extension Read More