Two way switch Staircase Wiring design

Staircase Light Wiring Tutorial

Design Requirements As always plan the wiring beforehand . Starting with the switch positions . Where is to position them  – The first switch should be positioned at the bottom of the stairs and the next two way switch should be positioned on the next floor . Make sure that the switches are easily accessible […] Read More

How to List Channels in YouTube

How To List Your Channels In YouTube

You may have seen big youtubers have listed their other channels listed in their main page. It's a feature available for any YouTube channel . You can list any YouTube channel in your YouTube channel even that channel not belongs to you .Here is how to list your channels in YouTube. Why Listing YouTube channels [...] Read More

How to Schedule Post in Facebook

How to Schedule Post in Facebook

Did you know you can create a post and schedule it to publish in a future day automatically ? . Yes , Facebook have a feature called schedule posting . However , You cannot do this in your private profile . Only in a page you manage . Hopefully , This feature will be available [...] Read More

How to create private posts in Facebook

How to Private Post in Facebook

When you have lot of groups of people such as Office colleagues ,  friends and family in your Facebook profile , You have to posts things that can be digestible to all of these groups . But , Sometimes you wants to posts things targeting specific group of people in your profile . Some times [...] Read More