DownAlbum Not Working in New Facebook layout fix

Facebook have a new layout and lot of browser plugins and extensions that worked on Facebook are not working .The only way to make them work is to switch back to old classic Facebook layout .DownAlbum is one of the most downloaded browser extractions (400,000+ users) .you can download Facebook albums easily.Unfortunately it doesn’t support the new Facebook layout and it doesn’t work .

In this tutorial lets see why this extension doesn’t work on new Facebook layout and how to fix this problem.


Cannot load required variable error

If you try to use DownAlbum browser extension on new Facebook layout , You will get this error message stating it Cannot load required variable .

The creator of DownAlbum is aware of this issue and hopefully will come up with a solution.Until then the only way to fix this is to switch back to old classic layout of Facebook . Here is how to switch to old Facebook layout  

DownAlbum chrome window

DownAlbum chrome window

Once you are in Facebook classic layout try the DownAlbum extension.It will work without a problem.

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