Download Facebook Albums 2021 – DownAlbum Alternative

Are you tired of looking for a method to download Facebook albums in 2021 ?. You came to the right place. In this tutorial we will show you how to download Facebook albums in the new Facebook layout .

Ever since Facebook ditched the old Facebook layout , lot of browser plugins and extensions that are designed to work with Facebook stopped working. One of these extension is DownAlbum. DownAlbum is the most  popular batch image download web browser extension ever created for Facebook (400K+ users ) .However , As we have mentioned in our previous article the only way to make it work is by switching back to Facebook old classic theme. But ,This method no longer works. There is no sign that it will be back and running soon. So , The best thing to do is finding an alternative to DownAlbum.

Download Facebook Albums 2021

DownAlbum Alternative to download facebook albums

DownAlbum Alternative

There are not much options when it comes to download Facebook albums in 2021 with a one click (Batch Downloading) .Although , there are general web batch album download plugins or extensions available .These plugins or extensions doesn’t work on Facebook web site. You need a extension or a plugin that is specifically designed for Facebook  website. After months of research we were able to find the best alternative to Facebook DownAlbum extension.It’s called “Album Downloader for Facebook” . Yes , That’s the name of the plugin. Developed by “FBDown”.

Album Downloader for Facebook extension

Chrome extension to download facebook albums

Album Downloader For Facebook Icon

This is the best alternative web browser extension we could find so far for the DownAlbum . Although , It’s lack of some options such as image selection ability . This extension will do the job . Here are the pros and the cons of this extension.

Pros –

  • Easy use – Since , This extension is simple it’s very easy to use.
  • Fast operation – This extension is very fast compare to DownAlbum.
  • Live download – The download action is live. which means it downloads one file at a time. As soon as each file downloaded , you can view or edit the file.
  • Download as a Zip – This extension allows the user to download the whole Facebook albums in a single or multiple .zip file.

Cons –

  • No Image selection ability – Unlike DownAlbum user don’t have a choice which to download and which not to download . You have to download the whole album.
  • No filters – There is no filters that allows users to filter out some images such as file size and image dimension filters.

How to Install

How to install Album downloader for facebook

How to install Album downloader for Facebook

It’s simple , Open your chrome or chrome based web browser .Click Here to go to the “Album Downloader for Facebook” chrome extension page. Then Click on “Add to Chrome” button. A pop-up window will appear . Click on “Add extension” button on that pop-up window. Wait for few seconds until you get a message from the extension stating that the extension has been added to chrome. Now you are done installing the extension.

How to use

How to pin the extention icon in chrome

How to pin the extension icon in chrome

Now you have the extension added to your browser. Look at the top right of your web browser window where your pinned extension icons are at . Look for the “Album downloader for facebook” extension icon. If you cant see it there , click on the extension button to the right .Which will show all the extensions added to your browser .Locate the “Album downloader for Facebook”  extension  and click on the pin icon next to it. Which will pin your extension in the web browser interface.

Downloading Facebook Album one click

Downloading Facebook Album one click

Go to the Album page of the Facebook that you want to download and click on the Album that you wants to download . Wait until you go inside the album (where You can see all the images of the album listed). Then , Click on the “Album Downloader for Facebook” extension icon at the top right of your browser window. This will open the first image in the album and go through all other images in the album (live) .Yes , you can see as it go through the images . If the this process didn’t happen , Click on the “Album Downloader for Facebook” extension icon again .

Album downloader for facebook download options

Album downloader for Facebook download options

Once all the images scanned or loaded , it will list all of them in a new tab . There are two options for you .You can either download images one by one by clicking on “Multiple download” or you can download all the images in a single .zip compressed file by clicking on “Zip download” button .

Download as Zip File

Download Facebook album as zip file

Download Facebook album as zip file

If you are interested in downloading the Facebook album in a single or multiple .zip files , click on “Zip download” button .Which will show this window .

  • Type the name of the .zip file in the Zip name text input .
  • Type the amount of file that should have included in a single .zip file in the “File limit for each zip”  text input.
  • Choose the file order by clicking on “Ascending” or “Descending” buttons.
  • Then Click on “Generate Files” .

Changing the download location

This extension doesn’t have a feature to select the download location. So , The download location will be the default download folder. However , You can change the download location by changing the web browser download location or let the browser ask you where to download every time you download something (Not recommended for multiple file download method ). Here is how to do it.

How to change download location in chrome

How to change download location in chrome

In chrome web browser click on the three dots in the top right corner and select settings from the drop down list.

  • Scroll down until you see the “Advance” button at the bottom.
  • Scroll down until you see “Download” section.
  • If you wants to browser to ask you where to save the files every time you download a file. Click on “Ask where to save each file before downloading” slider button (Blue when ON ). However , This method is not recommended for  “multiple download” method .But , Recommend for “Zip download” method.



Downalbum extension is discontinued and doesn’t support the new Facebook layout . It’s very hard to find any software tool or browser extension that can properly batch download images in Facebook albums. Although , You can make Downalbum work by switching back to old layout .But , It’s too much work . We were able to find the best alternative to Downalbum extension . Although , This extension is not as good as the Downalbum , It does work as it described . It downloads all the images inside a Facebook album . So far , This is the best DownAlbum alternative . Other alternatives simply doesn’t work .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended method ?

    You have two methods to batch download Facebook albums , Using Down album extension by switch back to old Facebook layout or Using a DownAlbum alternative . We ask you to try both and decide what is most convenient method for you.

  • Will DownAlbum be back ?

    It seems that the developers of this extension are working on other projects . They don’t seems to working on an update to this extension so that it will work on new Facebook layout . We are not certain about it’s return .

  • Any privacy concerns should be aware of using the extension ?

    If you are concerned about your privacy please reach out to the creator of this extension  . But , In their Privacy Practices page they does not provide any information about collection about Data. But , We don’t think you will get any answers from the developers.

  • Does DownAlbum alternatives works ?

    Yes , some of them do . Even though , They are different from Downalbum extension , They will do the job . But , There are few pros and cons .

  • Any batch download software that can do the same job ?

    There are many batch image download softwares available in the internet . But , They doesn’t works on complex sites like Facebook . But will work on other simple websites. However , We will update this answer , If we were able to find such software tool.

  • Is this the Downalbum replacement ?

    This is the best alternative to DownAlbum . But , In our opinion in order to replace the DownAlbum extension, It needs more improvements .

Disclaimer – The content of this article may change over the time . The methods that we used in this article may or may not work in future . Because , Facebook platform changes all the time . The options and menus may relocated as the Facebook layout changes . In such case  ,Please google to find the specific menus and options  in Facebook .  We don’t have any connections with the plugins or extensions used in this article . This is not a promotion for those tools. This Tutorial does not involves any illegal activities nor encourages to do such . The extensions we used in this tutorial may or may not violate the TOS of  Facebook platform .Please read the up to date TOS of Facebook before using such tools . We are not responsible for any damage caused by using these tools . Use it at your own risk .

Author : Janaka Jayathilake