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How to switch back to old Facebook layout

How to switch to old Facebook layout 2021 Tutorial

Facebook ditching the old classic layout all together and they wants their users to experience the new layout even if they don’t like it .In this tutorial I will show you how to switch back to old layout temporally . Read More

How to clear Search History

How to clear Facebook search history

In this tutorial lets see how to erase Facebook search history individually or as a whole in new Facebook .Here is the stepbystep guide. Read More

Facebook search history clear

How to find posts of specific date in new Facebook

Are you having trouble finding posts you have made in a specific date or tired of scrolling through your Facebook profile to find a post or posts made in a specific year or month , Here is how to find the posts that you have crated or shared by you. Read More

How to find the date someone friended you in Facebook

Date of someone became your friend in Facebook

Since Facebook changes all the time it’s hard to keep track of thing in Facebook . Facebook help center not gonna help you all the time. Here is how to find the exact date when someone become your friend in Facebook even if they are no longer your Friend in Facebook. Read More

How to go to the begining of Facebook conversation

How go to the beginning of a Facebook conversation

Here is how to go the first message of a conversation in new Facebook layout . This is the answer to one of the most asked questions in Facebook help center page. Read More