Bing Guideline Violation De-index fix

As we have discussed in this article , If the response email for your complaint  , stating de-index is due to Bing Guideline Violation. It means that the human review has been done and they confirm that you have violated the SERP guidelines .  So , what should you do next ? . Here in this article lets dive into the causes and fixes in order to get back into the search results as soon as possible.But , If you feel that you didn’t violate any of below guidelines , Your website might be de-indexed or de-listed due to a mistake .

The Response from Bing Webmaster Support

First response from Bing Webmaster support

First response from Bing Webmaster support

First , They will send you an Email stating they are looking into this matter. After several days no response from Bing support. So , We send another Email demanding the reasons and fix the de-index issue . Here what we got in response . This is an immediate or automated Email to keep you hopeful until they really look into this matter .

Bing De-index Guideline Violation - second response from Bing Webmaster support

second response from Bing Webmaster support

This Email states that they forwarded the complaint to the Engineers and waiting for the response from them .which means they submitted the site to be reviewed by human and waiting for a response from them. So , Its seems like depends on the amount of cases they have , It might take some time to manually review the website. Anyhow , We got the response Email we all waited for . Here it is .

De-index due to Bing Guideline Violation  Email

Bing Webmaster support guideline violation Email

Bing Webmaster support guideline violation Email

This Email is the final nail in the coffin . This means this de-index is not due to a mistake by the Bing bots but due to a Bing Guideline Violation. They wont give you what are the specific guidelines that you have violated and how to fix them . But , They will give you a list of links so that you can figure it out your self . If you were not aware of such thing , It’s time to learn what are the Bing webmaster guidelines are , Now it’s time to do so. Lets see how to figure it out and remove or correct those guideline violations.

Fix Bing Guideline Violation De-index

Here are some of the key things to look at when removing any Bing web master guideline violations. Unlike Google Bing have very strict policies regarding the content of the websites that appear on their search results .Don’t even ignore any simple warnings  such as “image Alt text missing” . Multiple of these warnings can cause your site to disappear from their web results .

Site Scan

Site scan is the best way to find out what cause the guideline violation . This scan will go through your website pages and report any errors or warnings .So , you can fix it and do another scan to check whether the error or the warning is removed . However , You will get a quota for the amount of pages that can be scanned per day (usually it’s about 1000 pages). If you have more webpages than that , You may have to manually scan the pages later . The main point is to scan all the pages . So, If your robots.txt file blocks any pages , make sure to lift that block allowing robots.txt to crawl all the pages .

Bing De-index Guideline Violation - Bing site scan tool

Bing site scan tool

Go to Bing Webmasters site scan page

Click on “Start New Scan” button .

Type a name for the scan in the scan name input field(Any name you like)

Select “Website” as the scope.

Type the number of pages of your website that you wants to scan in the “Limit Scan to” input field . It should be below the allowed Quota .

Click On “Start Scan” button.

Bing De-index Guideline Violation - Bing site scan completed

Bing site scan completed

The scan can take some time , Come back to the same page later . Once completed you will see a “completed” tag in front of it.Also , You will get a Email notification with the link to this page. Click on the scan report .

Bing site scan results

Bing site scan results

In this report you can see the errors and warnings listed . Your main focus should be on the Errors . You need to fix them immediately. Click on each error or warning to get the list of pages that affected . If you need to know how to fix each error click on “How to fix ?” .A side pop-up window will appear showing quick tips how to fix the issue . But , If its not clear please google search the error with the search term “How to fix” . Please , Don’t forget to add the platform you are using (blogger , WIX , WordPress) etc. Once fixed the problem ,Redo the scan . See whether the error is gone or not.If the error is still there try a different approach.

Bing Webmaster Guidelines

Bing de-index remove website by mistakeHere are some of the webmaster guidelines that you should always need to follow . The full list can be found Here.

Access to your content

The Bing Boats need to be allowed to access the content of your site . To do this you need to submit your site maps in the submit sitemap page . make sure that your sitemap file is working properly before submitting (you can validate your sitemap using this site). There also some sitemap guidelines that you need to follow which mentioned in this page . Make sure your site map file meet the criteria . Make sure that your websites robots.txt doesn’t block any Bing bots .

Links in your website

Bing recommend to at least have one link to other sites in your web pages . But , Make sure those links are from quality responsible websites. Any links that lead to Abusive content that violate Bing webmaster guidelines can lead to de-index or de listed from Bing index.


Make sure your robots.txt file is within the root directory ( . And make sure it’s not blocking the Bing bots and also make sure that the sitemap is listed in that robots.txt .Use No index tag in the page instead of disallow tag in the robots.txt to remove pages that you doesn’t wants to index.Here is an example of robots.txt file that allow any one to crawl .

User-agent: *
Allow: /


The content of your website is what make it unique . The quality of the content is what search engines looking for . If you site pages have scripts that redirect visitors immediately, These pages wont be indexed at all. The page content should be sufficient , Rich with text and images (Images should have Alt text) .Although , Search engine optimization allowed . If your content is designed only to optimize for search engines that might cause some problems when indexing . If you over S.E.O your content with lot of keywords ,Bing might remove those pages from the index . Here are some of the deceptive practices that not allowed.

S.E.O Practices to Avoid

Here are some of the S.E.O practices that you should always avoid you can check the full list Here .


It is the practice showing two or more versions of your web pages for different parties . Eg – Showing one version of your pages to the search engine bots and another versions to human visitors .

Link Schemes

Don’t use artificial methods to draw traffic to your website. (Buying traffic) . These traffic drawing methods will cause more damage than helping your website.

Social media schemes

Avoid any social media schemes such as fake giveaways and raffles .

Duplicate content

Don’t duplicate your content . If you wants to use same content leave a reference link to the original . Use anchor tags to point to the segment that you wants to refering to .

Scraped Content

Copying content from other websites are not allowed , Even if you had the permission . Use reference links to such content .

Keyword Stuffing

This practice will damage your reputation among your readers . You are targeting keywords instead of creating quality content . Bing can detect such abuse and may de-list your website in such cases .

Automatically generated content

Machine generated content is not allowed . If you cant write articles , Hire someone else that can write quality content .

Malicious behavior

Viruses , Adware , Malwares or other malicious content are not welcomed . Promoting such will cause your site to be de-indexed immediately.Don’t even mention them on your website .

Misleading structured data markup

markups should be relevant to the content . Don’t try to trick anyone in to clicking your site . Because , Once they realized they have been tricked they will not come back to your website again .

Multiple violations can cause your website to be de listed from the Bing search results . The content of your web pages shouldn’t be scrapped from other websites and also the images or videos should be owned by you (No copyright violations ) . If you wants to use some other websites content leave reference links to those sites or get the permission from that websites to use their content . Also , Automated content are not welcome . Whatever the content you have should not violate Bing webmaster guidelines. Avoid using misleading titles .avoid grouping content inside flash or java scripts . No pop-ups ! .

Conclusion – Bing Guideline Violation De-index

conclution learnitstepbystep.comBing webmasters tools very strict on their guidelines .Any website that doesn’t follow or ignore these rules or guidelines will be penalized . The website or the pages that violates these guidelines will be removed or de listed from the Bing search results . de-index due to Bing Guideline violation is not a permanent penalty , Once you fix this issues you can get back to the Bing search results .You wont get any email informing you about the website de listing . You have to check  the traffic curve of the Bing webmaster tools or search your site in the Bing search engine to find out the status of your website .

Since , Bing , Yahoo and duckduckgo shares 10- 15% of web traffic , It’s important to get back on Bing search engine as soon as possible .To make sure that your website is removed due to guideline violation you have to contact Bing webmaster support. You can use the site  scan tools to find what are the violations and what are the pages that affected. If you have violated the Bing guidelines , You must fix those guideline violations and wait until the Bing webmaster tool reinstate your website automatically in their search results.However , The time it take to re-index or re-listed is unknown .It might take few weeks to few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long it will take to manual review?

    It’s not certain that how long it will take to manually review your request . It depends on the amount of requests they have to deal with and  the amount of people they have to manually review requests . It might take about 1  to 3 weeks .

  •  Can I re-request a manual review ?

    Yes , You can . But , You don’t have to . If you fixed all the Bing guideline violation issues ,All you have to do is to wait until the Bing bots re crawl your website. If your site still not re-indexed , You can re-request it again using the same method we used to make a complaint in the first place.

  • What is over Search Engine Optimization ?

    It’s when you create your website pages to come to the top of the search results by using various means such as keywords . Search engines doesn’t want web pages that filled with nothing but keywords in their top results . They wants quality contents . If you are planing to include bunch of search terms over and over in a webpage , You are cheating the system. This considered as over S.E.O . Don’t push to the boundaries . Keep keywords usage to a moderate level .

Disclaimer – The content of this article may change over the time . The methods that we used in this article may or may not work in future . This tutorial does not provide any hacking or illegal activity nor teach anything that violate Bing webmaster terms and conditions (At the time of this article published). However , These terms and conditions may change over the time . We are not responsible for any future terms and condition violation that caused by following this tutorial .

Author : Janaka Jayathilake
Published on : 15|04|2021