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Blue Yeti microphone not working

Blue Yeti microphone fix

Did your Blue Yeti microphone stop working ? , You came to the right place we will discuss how to fix it .Blue microphone Yeti is one of the famous microphone brands available today . It’s one of the best quality microphones around .However , These microphones can go bad due to many reasons . […] Read More

RTU5024 Practical Applications

In this tutorial Let’s talk about a practical application of RTU5024 G.S.M controller . In this tutorial we are going to talk about practical use of  RTU5024 controller with examples. You may have seen lot of gate opener applications using this controller. But , The applications of this controller is limitless . You can use […] Read More

How to delete YouTube liked videos

How to Delete YouTube Liked Videos at Once in 2021

Whether you like it or not . YouTube will log some of your activity to provide you a better experience in their platform . In this tutorial we discuss various methods you can use to delete YouTube liked videos at once. This gives YouTube the ability to recommend videos for your taste . Also , […] Read More

RTU5024 Gate Opener App Tutorial

RTU5024 Mobile App Tutorial

In our previous tutorial we talked about using SMS to control the RTU5024 GSM gate opener . Here in this tutorial lets discuss how to use the RTU5024 mobile app to control the RTU5024 gate opener . This app supports both android and IOS platforms . But , This app is not available in google […] Read More


RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial

RTU5024 Gate Opener SMS Commands RTU5024 is a GSM single relay controller which is very famous due to it’s low price . The controller comes in two different versions , One is for indoor use and the other version is for out door use . The indoor version have a some what good metal housing […] Read More