RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial

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RTU5024 Gate Opener SMS Commands

RTU5024 SMS Commands TutorialRTU5024 is a GSM single relay controller which is very famous due to it’s low price . The controller comes in two different versions , One is for indoor use and the other version is for out door use . The indoor version have a some what good metal housing and the outdoor version have a plastic housing with seal to protect the inner parts from water damage . The package consist of the RTU5024 device ,  GSM Antenna and a card that have two QR codes printed on top of them . One QR code is for the user manual of RTU5024 gate opener and the other is for downloading the RTU5024 Gate Opener mobile app .You need a QR code scanner app/software  in order to scan and get the links for them . There are two methods that you can use to control the unit . Using SMS commands and by using the mobile app . In this RTU5024 with SMS commands tutorial article lets discuss how to control the gate opener by sending SMS messages. Checkout our RTU5024 mobile App tutorial .

RTU5024 Gate Opener Setup

You cannot use the gate opener right out of the box . There are few steps that need to be taken in order to use the RTU5024 gate opener . Here are the main things that you have to do .

Antenna Attachment

RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial - Antenna setupAs we have mentioned early the antenna of the RTU5024 gate opener comes detached .So , You have to attach it . Position and inset the GSM antenna’s male port to the female GSM port of the controller. Change the orientation of the antenna to the direction that you wants it to be.Hold the antenna orientation . Rotate the hex nut of the antenna  clock-wise while pushing it towards the gate openers GSM female port . Tighten the hex nut so that, The antenna firmly so that , there is no chance to loose the tightness.

SIM Insert

RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial - SIM InsertRemove the screw at the bottom of the controller . Remove the sim door . Unlock the sim lock by shifting the lock in the opposite to the direction (Lock direction) mentioned on the Sim lock . Turn the top part of the sim up . Insert or slide the sim inside that turned part of the sim holder (Make sure the sim orientation is correct) . Turn the sim holder upper part down. Then , slide it in  direction (Lock direction) that mentioned in the sim holder.Pu the sim door back and put the sim door screw back.

Power Connection

RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial - Power connectionNow your RTU5024 gate opener is ready to use . The only thing missing is the input power to the unit . Use a 12Vdc power supply that capable of providing at least 1A current output . Unscrew the screws of the power connector of the unit . Identify the positive and the negative wires of the power supply (Use a multi meter if necessary ) and insert the positive wire to the positive terminal and negative wire to the negative terminal. Tight each screw of the terminal . Power the unit up . Now you are ready to go .

GTU5024 Gate Opener SMS Commands

In order to setup or control the RTU5024 gate opener you have to send SMS commands . These SMS commands consists of  values and controller instructions . Every command starts with the password of the controller and a hash (#) which separates each parameter of the SMS command . However , If the correct SMS command send you will get a reply from the controller. There are two type of commands , One is setup commands and other is control commands. Lets discuss them . Code section in red – Type as it is . Code section in green – Variables (Insert values instead).

RTU5024 Setup SMS commands

RTU5024 Setup SMS commands involves changing the controller settings such as . setting Authorized numbers , Setting relay time , Setting password ..etc . Here are them and what they do . Type the Command without spaces , All in capital , no symbols except for question mark (?) and hash (#) which is used to separate each parameter of the command .

Adding Master Phone Number

Master phone number is the phone number located at 001 memory location of RTU5024 gate openers authorized phone number list . This phone number is the only phone number that will receive a SMS reply in the event of relay state change due to call in action (Relay state change by call in the controller’s SIM number) . Here is how to setup the master phone Number.


Password – Current password of the controller . TEL– controller instruction. . Phonenumber – Phone number that you wants to add as the master phone number (Type with the country code +xx or 00xx format).

Reply SMS – You will get a SMS from the controller like this – 001:Phonenumber . 001 being the memory location of the RTU5024 Gate Opener.

Adding Authorized Phone Number

Authorized phone number is a phone number that allowed to change the RTU5024 gate openers relay by call in action. However , This depends on the settings you selected on the access control command section.


Memlocation – Memory location to save the number (a number between 001 to 200 , If you selected a memory location that already occupied by a number that number will be replaced with the new number )  . Phonenumber – Phone number that you wants to allow to access the call in action feature .

Reply SMS – You will get a SMS from the controller like this – Memlocation:Phonenumber

Remove Phone Number

You can remove a phone number in the Authorized number list . But , The deletion is by the memory location n0t by the phone number . So , you might have to use the Check Number command to check the number at the memory location .


Memlocation – Memory location of the number to be removed (a number between 001 to 200 )  .

Reply SMS – You will get a feedback SMS – Memlocation:Empty .

Set a Password

You can set the RTU5024 gate openers password using this command . The default password is 1234. The password should be a number with four digits.


Oldpassword – Current password of the controller . Newpass – Password that you want to set as the New password. PWD – Controller instruction .

Reply SMS – You will get a feedback SMS – Password:Newpass .

Set Relay Time

You can set the relay ON time in a narrow range (01 sec to 19 sec) . Type 00 as the Time if you wants the relay to be ON until it changed by SMS command or call in relay action.


Time – Current password of the controller (00- 19) . GOT – Controller instruction .

Reply SMS – You will get a reply SMS – Relay On Time:Time .XX – Time in seconds

Access Control

This command defines what numbers can use the call in relay action function of the RTU5024 controller . There are mainly two types of numbers , One is Authorized numbers and other is All numbers (not recommended) . If you selected authorized numbers .Then , Only the numbers in the authorized number list can access the call in relay action feature . But , If you selected all numbers access then any number that call your controller will cause relay state to change.

All number access


AA – a Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  Allow All Numbers can access it.

Authorized number access


AU – Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  Allow User Numbers can access it Only.

SMS Confirmation

SMS confirmation is the message you will get to the master phone number in the event of relay state change due to call in relay action. If you enable it with a SMS command you will get a SMS every time the relay change due to call in action. But , If you disable it you wont get a SMS message.



R – a Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  Relay Action Return SMS ON.



N – Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  Relay Action Return SMS OFF.


You can reset the controller to it’s factory settings by sending the Reset SMS command. This will reset the password and other settings of the controller to it’s original values.


RESET – Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  RESET success ! Please Reboot Device.,

Turn Relay ON

You can turn the Relay ON or OFF using SMS commands . Simply send the given commands .You will get a feedback message stating the relay state of the RTU5024 gate opener.

Relay ON


ON – a Controller instruction .

Reply SMS –  The Relay Is ON.

Relay OFF


OFF – Controller instruction.

Reply SMS –  The Relay Is OFF.

RTU5024 Status SMS commands

These are the commands that can be used to check the status or values saved in the RTU5024 Gate opener. However , These settings doesn’t involves changing any setting of the gate Opener.

Get Phone Number

This command will return the phone number that saved in given memory location . However , If the memory location wasn’t occupied you will get a reply like this – “Memorylocation:Empty”.


TEL , ? – Controller instructions . Memorylocation – Memory location that you wants to check the phone number at .

Reply SMS –  Memorylocation:Phonenumber.

Get Relay ON Time

If you wants to know the current relay ON time settings send this command. In return you will get the relay ON time. But , If you get the value “00” which means that the relay is set to always ON until otherwise changed by a SMS or call in action .


GOT, ? – Controller instructions .

Reply SMS –  Relay On Time:Time .XX – Time in seconds

Get Signal Quality

This command will return the GSM Signal quality value of the controller . A value between 00 to 30 (00 being weak signal and 30 being good) . However , GSM value over 14 will be enough to communicate with the RTU5024 controller.


CSQ , ? – Controller instructions .

Reply SMS – Singnal Quality :XX . XX – signal Quality value.

Conclusion – RTU5024 SMS Commands

In conclusionRTU5024 gate opener can be controlled both using SMS commands and mobile app . You can change the settings inside the controller using the both methods . But , SMS commands will give you some options that not available with the mobile app . Although , Sending SMS commands are hard but it gives you full control of the features . This method also useful when it comes to non smart phone users . Try both methods and decide what method fits you .

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