How to delete YouTube liked videos

How to Delete YouTube Liked Videos at Once in 2021

4 weeks ago1847 2
Whether you like it or not . YouTube will log some of your activity to provide you a better experience in their platform . In this tutorial we discuss various methods you can use to delete YouTube liked videos at once. This gives YouTube the ability to recommend videos for your taste . Also , [...]

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RTU5024 Gate Opener App Tutorial

RTU5024 Mobile App Tutorial

2 months ago1511 0
In our previous tutorial we have talked about using SMS to control the RTU5024 GSM gate opener . Here in this tutorial lets discuss how to use the RTU5024 mobile app to control the RTU5024 gate opener . This app supports both android and IOS platforms . What this app does is , It generates [...]

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RTU5024 SMS Commands Tutorial

2 months ago2622 0
RTU5024 Gate Opener SMS Commands RTU5024 is a GSM single relay controller which is very famous due to it's low price . The controller comes in two different versions , One is for indoor use and the other version is for out door use . The indoor version have a some what good metal housing [...]

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LEDEdit software Tutorial

LEDEdit Pixel LED Tutorial

7 months ago6572 0
LEDEdit is a software that used for programming pixel LEDs .LED Edit software comes in two different versions one is the discontinued LEDEdit and the other is LEDEdit-K. LEDEdit-K software is still continuing to this day.Even though LEDEdit software is discontinued it's still being used by many people. This is a revision Article of my [...]

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Pixel LED Tutorial - Creating layout using AutoCAD

Pixel LED layout using AutoCAD

7 months ago56814 0
This is a complete tutorial on how to create Pixel LED layout using AutoCAD software. LEDEdit is one of the most popular software when it comes to pixel LED programming. Because it supports large variety of pixel LED controllers and Pixel LED drive chips , It's almost essential for pixel LED programming. [ Download LED [...]

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