How to create private posts in Facebook

How to Private Post in Facebook

When you have lot of groups of people such as Office colleagues ,¬† friends and family in your Facebook profile , You have to posts things that can be digestible to all of these groups . But , Sometimes you wants to posts things targeting specific group of people in your profile . Some times […] Read More

How to find bing site verification

How to find Bing site verification code

Some updates in your website can cause the site verification HTML meta tags to be deleted .In such case you have to retrieve those codes from webmaster tools such as google webmaster and Bing webmaster . However , Sometimes finding these site verification code is a challenge . Sometimes its so simple people miss it […] Read More

Contactor Repair Tutorial

How to Repair Contactor

Contactor Repair Contactors are very common component that can be found in almost any electrical circuit . Contactors being used in electrical control¬† circuits where high current switching required . Relays do the same job but they lack handling high current loads . You can find one or more contactors in motor control circuits . […] Read More

RTU5024 Notworking Fix

RTU5024 Not Working Fix

RTU5024 Not Working RTU5024 is a good device for remote control applications .However , This device can stop working due to may reasons . The design of this product or the quality of the components used inside may be the reason these devices fails often . Since , There are many manufacturers we cant tell […] Read More


What Is Inside RTU5024 GSM Gate Opener

RTU5024 As we discussed in our previous tutorials , RTU5024 is a single relay remote G.S.M controller . This device is designed for simple remote applications to control over the mobile networks . The controller requires a SIM to receive the commands . You can control the RTU5024 by sending commands VIA SMS or VIA […] Read More